Mount Abu’s information

Mount Abu’s information, mount abu me kya hai

Hello friend, your friend Manoj Kumar has once again appeared to you, taking an exciting riot, whose name is “Mount Abu” Mount Abu is the Ace Hill Station of Rajasthan where all the people want to go. The last year went to roam here, but I did not have complete information. But today I have learned a lot about it and now you are going to tell people too. So friends start now to visit your Mount Abu. Mount Abu, situated at an altitude of 1220 meters above sea level, is also considered to be the paradise of Rajasthan. Nestled on the mountains of Nilgiri, Geographical location of Mount Abu and the atmosphere is different from other cities of Rajasthan.

This place is not as hot as other parts of the state. Mount Abu is the main pilgrimage site of Hindu and Jain religion. The historic temple and natural beauty here attracts tourists. A glimpse of the cultural life of Mount Abu is seen only on festivals and festivals. Every year in the Summer Festival that is held every June in June. A colorful tableau of folk dance and music is presented by folk artists who come in a colorful traditional costume. Folk dances such as Ghumar, Non and Dhap, see the dandiya dance, the lovers wake up. During this three-day festival, a boat race is organized in the lake. Shaw Qawali and fireworks are a part of this festival.

Mount Abo is the highest peak in the Arabwadi range of the Rajasthan state of western India. It is located in Sirohi district, which produces a typical rocky plateau of 22 km up to 9 km wide. The highest peak master summit on the mountain is in 1722. Mount Abu is located in western Rajasthan near the borders of Gujarat. It is located approximately 185 km from Udaipur, 221 km from Ahmedabad, 264 km from Jodhpur, 500 km from Jaipur and 765 kilometers from Delhi.Throughout the whole year there is a pleasant atmosphere in the whole city. The temperature of their summer is between 23 and 34 degrees Celsius, and in the winter it is between 11 to 28 degrees Celsius. Winters are required in the winter. Hill Station receives the average annual rainfall of 65-177 CMS.

Mount Abu Weather of mountain

The weather at Mount Abu is very pleasant. Generally, the average temperature here ranges from 16 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius, but during the night the temperature drops to 4 to 12 degrees Celsius. Sometimes Mount Abu’s temperature reaches zero to 3 degree in heavy winter.Even though there is no heat in summer, the temperature of this temperature is not reaching up to 36 degree Celsius, while in many parts of the rains, people also start to feel cold due to low temperature. This is the reason that when the entire Rajasthan and Gujarat heats up in the summer season, Mount Abu is the place where it is also called Paradise of Earth because of pleasant weather and green surroundings.Apart from being the headquarters of Brahma Kumario and having a real feeling from God, heaven receives pleasant pleasures which neither of them can ever forget.

Mount Abu is about to roam around Mount Abu

There are many tourist attractions in Mount Abu. Mount Abu is the main pilgrimage site of Hindu and Jain religion. Mount Abu attracts historic temples and natural beauty tourists. Apart from the temples of Mount Abu kon dilwara, it is also known for many other historical sites. However, there is a gathering of tourists all year round here. But the number of tourists in the summer season increases.

Guru Shikhar, Sunset Point, Todd Rock, Achalgarh Fort and Sure Lake are among the major attractions. Hariyali, which has a year-long holiday, is famous for tourists. It is built around the lake and surrounded by forest areas of this mountainous region.

1. Jain Temple of Dilwara Dilwara

Rajasthan’s Paradise Mount Abu is famous for its natural reduction and unique beauty worldwide but it is also world famous for Satna Prajapita Brahmakumari Ishvari University, along with Anupam Jain Mandir of Dilwara. As a unique sampling of artifacts from white marble to die, this group of world-famous 5 Jain temples goes to Dilwad, about 3 km from Mount Abu. In this temple the camera and mobile are completely restricted. These buildings were built by two brothers who were then the state minister in 1231.

The marble carvings on the marble stones and the temple of Lord Mahavir Swamar’s precious statues seem to be seeing after seeing the period in which the temples were built. The roof has also been carved in these temples. The chandelier hanging on the ceiling, statues of dancing dancers, bells adorned with full leaves, and marble stones have been sculpted in such a way that the stones are eager to speak themselves. That is why tourists are hypnotized by seeing the statue made of Panchatatta of 1444 mind in Jain pilgrim in Achalgarh.

2. Surely lake

Tour of Mount Abu is considered incomplete without seeing the well-known lake of Mount Abu, which attracts everyone’s attention with its unique beauty and natural beauty. Surrounded by green rocks of green trees and surrounded by high hills, this lake is exactly what the lake has a unique history inside of it. It is said that Balam Rasia, a proven man, constructed this lake by digging the earth with his nails. This lake, excavated by Nakhuno, is named after the lake.

Boating has its own pleasure in this lake. In order to woo tourists, boats are lined up in this lake, they are standing there and the sailors make a trip to this lake, with fixed rent. It seems that the boat is getting rowing on heaven. On the high hill in the southwest of this lake, the peak of a frog in the shape of a frog appears in a natural rock form called rock road.

3. Information about Guru Hunting

Guru Shikar is the highest peak of the Aravalli range, located approximately 15 km northeast of Mount Abu. This is an important Hindu pilgrimage, which is worth visiting on your Mount Abu Tour.

4. Information about Gaumukh Temple

One of the most sacred places of worship by the Hindus is considered, the Gaumukh temple is a symbol of his pride. Many Hindu devotees have the aspiration of visiting this place at least once in their life. Therefore, if you go to Mount Abu, then traveling to Gaumukh Temple is necessary. Name of Gaumukh is taken from the stone carving on the top of the temple, which shows the mouth (mouth) of a village issuing the flow of water flow in a tank. You can enjoy walking and walking walks around the temple. Gaumukh Temple is also popular for religious pilgrimages and meditation.

5. Information about Goddess Temple

The vast altar of the temple of Adhar Devi in ​​Mount Abu is confirmed by the rich architectural backdrop of Rajasthan. Located in the cave three kilometers north of the principal community, the Adhar devi temple is dedicated to Durga, which is seen as the source of strength, spirit and enthusiasm, is one of the famous spiritual themed tourist spots in the area. The shrine in the Temple Mount is reaching 365 steps and then clambering in a small gap in the cave.

6. Information about sunset points

In the second half of the day, in the midst of a festive atmosphere, many people are found near this area in the southwestern lake, which offers a beautiful view of going down the sun. Beautiful hills, quiet surroundings and attractive weather make this a favorite place among tourists. You can pick up curiosios, engraved marble busts, sandalwood sculptures, wooden toys and other ornaments, which can use local recipes from various gift gathering organizations or from many food stalls.

7. Information about Shri Raghunathji Temple

Devoted to Lord Vishnu, who expressed his belief in Raghunath ji as a rescuer to save many of his life’s sufferings, the Shri Raghunathji Mandir near Naki Lake is worthy of a special referral. The statue of Shri Raghunathji in the temple is very attractive. This temple is believed to have been built back in the 14th century, the hundred year old Mayvard enjoys the status of becoming part of a rich background of aesthetics. One of the most divine places for Vaishnavites, it is one of the most visited temples in Mount Abu.

8. Information about museums and art galleries

The hill station’s museum and art gallery has been kept in a building named Raj Bhavan, it is necessary for those who want to dig in the past and check the background of any area. You can see the delicate idols of Devadasi and Nartakis here, which are a part of the rare ancient excavation related to the 18th century, carving of Jain bronze, elephant work, furniture, old design, art, paternal cottage, decoration and weapon.

9. Achaleshwar Mahadev temple

After seeing Jain shrines, they go to the Mandakini Kund of Achalgarh, where the idols of three paws ie Bhasasara monsters have been installed. It is said that these monsters used to send a lot of dispersal to the sages, Mahatma and Santo doing penance in this area. The giant who used to keep the ghee in his cottage for the worship of the sage Mahatma Pooja and yagna etc., used to drink the Ghee forcibly. The troubled sages complained to King Ashok of Abu, and they said that they had destroyed the three demons of the monkeys with arrows.

Mandakini Kund has remained in memory of this incident. The trunk is 900 feet long and 240 feet wide, on which the giant statues of these three pado (buffalos) are installed on which the tourists come from abroad to see. Achaleshwar Mahadev temple is situated only a short distance from this pool. In the temple of about 2500 years old, Shiva’s Shiva Pindi is not a substitute, but the place of Shivling is completely empty. On the place of Shiva, there is the worship of the thumb of Lord Shiva. At the entrance of this temple famous for its unique model of carvings and architecture, both the giant statues are attached, and the temple is a special attraction on the Nandi statue made of a mixture of five metals in the vast form.

It is said that the Goddess Lord Shiva, purified in this temple, purifies it with ease. To rob the treasury of this temple, the emperor of Ahmedabad Muhammad Begada attacked the temple. Signs of strikes made on the temple by the king are still visible today. In 1979, Yuvraj of Sirohi Principal restored this temple and decorated the outer cover of the temple with marble. The orbiter of this temple feels blessed to himself.

How to reach Mount Abu

1. By air

The nearest airport is Udaipur, 185 km from Mount Abu. However, in Ahmedabad, 221 kilometers, there are better connectivity in Ahmedabad and everyday flights in other areas of the country. With both Ahmedabad and Udaipur, you can book the taxi in advance.

2. By Train

Abu Road is the nearest railway station, which is just 28 km from the main city, which is very well connected to the railway routes from New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Mumbai. From Abu Road, you can choose official transportation assistance or taxis for both sharing and private basis.

3. By bus

Mount Abu is well connected with the main metropolis of the country; The nearest national freeway number is just 24 km from 14 cities.

Friends, how did you get this information from Ma’t Abu, and how did you know about the philosophical places of Mount Abu mentioned by me, we must also tell about it too. Also, you do not forget to like and share this post. Thank you

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