Lord Shiva’s visit to Badrinath Dham

Lord Shiva’s visit to Badrinath Dham, badrinath mein ghumne ki jagah

Hello friends are going to give you information today Badrinath Dham Went to here in 2016 At that time I did not have complete information. But today we are going to give you full information about this. So whenever you go to Badrinath Dham, you will not have any problem of any kind. It is the wish of every Hindu that he must visit Badrinath once. Here it is very difficult to take bath in the Alaknanda due to the cold. Philosophy of Alaknanda is done only. Travelers take bath in the hot tub.

Here offerings of Vanululi, gram flour and gram flour and groceries are offered. Here, the priests of Badrinath are descendants of Shankaracharya who are called Raval. They have to adhere to Brahmacharya as long as they live on Raval’s post. The touch of women is also considered to be sin for Raval. It has been told in the Puranas that there is a big change in Badrinath every era.Until Satyuga, every person used to have visions of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, it is said in the scriptures that a person should definitely have Darshan of Badrinath at least once in life. It is said that there was a lot of berry trees here, so its name was ‘badrivean’.

It is also said about this town that ‘Badrinath’ was built by Lord Mahadev for his wife Mata Parvati. But this town was given to Lord Vishnu by Lord Mahadev. That’s why this city is ‘the city of Lord Vishnu’.In this temple you can see the idols of Lord Lakshmi, Kuber Ji, Uddhav Ji, Garud Ji, Narada ji etc. along with Lord Vishnu. Every year hundreds of thousands of devotees thrive in crowds, all cross the high hills and come to see Lord. From here you can have a wonderful view of the sunrise and sunset.

How do Badrinath go to ?

By Road

Direct bus services are available for Rishikesh from adjoining territories. There is a mountain route from Rishikesh to Badrinath. You can reach here by the evening by bus or by your vehicle from Rishikesh in the morning.

Sit between two mountains

Badrinath Dham is situated between two mountains, which is called Nar Narayan Mountains. It is said here that Lord Vishnu’s portions of Narayana and Narayana had austerity. In the next life, Arjun and Narayana were Shri Krishna.

Badrinath wanders in Badrinath

1.Badrinath temple Badrinath temple

The Badrinath temple, which is known as Badrinarayan, is known as the main gate of salvation. There is also a Dham in the four Dhams.

2. Bhima Bridge Bheem pul

A bridge made of natural rock by a huge rock is called Bhima bridge, which is located above the Saraswati river. Ganesh cave, Vyas cave etc. are also visible here. Tourists here come along with this bridge to visit these caves too.

3. Vasudhara Vasudhra

Vasudhara Waterfall is very captivating and captivating. Although the path to reach this spring is extremely difficult and adventurous, coming here is like lifting a risk. But the atmosphere here does not prevent tourists from coming here.

4. Satopant Lake Satopant jhil

Satopant Lake is a very breathtaking lake spreading within a radius of 1 kilometer. However, to reach here tourists have to travel on foot as there is no arrangement for train horses to come here.

5. Khiron Valley Khiro ghati

The beauty of the Kharu valley is so flourished that even tourists do not care for dangerous paths to come here. However, it can only be done on foot. Those who are fond of touring trekking must come here.

6. Kagbhushindhi Tal Kagbhushundi taal

There is also a need to travel on foot in order to reach the Kaibhusundhini Tal, because there is no means available here too. Trekking here is your own fun.

7. Pandukeshwar Pandukeshwar

It is said that Pandukeshwar is associated with the Mahabharata carpet, hence this place has its own distinct historical significance. There are also two temples nearby which are wonderful heritage of artistic style.

Badrinath tourism places

1. A lofty rock used on the banks of the Alaknanda, a shelter used for religious rituals- Brahma Kapal, a serpent (the pair of snakes) mentioned in mythology, a rock cloth-seshanetra with the alleged impression of Sheshnag.

2. The step-up, which is said to be the footprints of Lord Vishnu (here Lord Vishnu was recited in Balrupa).

3. High snowfall covered with ice from Badrinath, Shikhar Nilkanth, Mata Murti Temple (who is worshiped as the mother of Badrinath Lord Ji).

4. Maana Gaon, it is also called the last village of India.

5. Vaasu stream (here Ashta-Vasus had austerity) This place is 8 km away from Maan. It is said that upon which the drops fall upon all his sins are destroyed and he is not a sinner.

6. Lakshmi One

7. Satopanth (Swargarohini) (It is said that from this place, King Yudhishthira had departed from Sheda Paradise).

8. Alkapuri (the origin of the river Alaknanda, it is considered to be the home of the god of wealth Kuber too).

9. Saraswati river (this river is the only manifestation of the river in Maan village all over India).

10. With the tenacity of Lord Vishnu, a nymph was born from his thighs, which became known by the name Urvashi, near the town of Badrinath, there is his temple in Bamani village.

So friends got this information from Badrinath Dham and when you are planning to go to Badrinath. If you like this information, we must definitely tell about it. Also, we do not forget to like and share this post. Thank you

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