Information of Kerala tourism

Information of Kerala tourism, kerala me kya dekhe

Hello friends, your friend Manoj Kumar once again brought you in front of you to roam another battle about which you may know something beforehand, which we know by the name of Kerala. I went to visit here in 2010, I did not have some special information here. What should we see? But after that I understood a lot about it here that we should go walking in Kerala, I It is the land of coconut, backwater, elephants and rich cultures and traditions, and is one of the most sought after destinations by travelers from all over the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places on earth and this is why it is called ‘Gods on Country’.

To cut through the magnificent rolling hill tea gardens in the Western Ghats through the vast grasslands of the Malabar coast along the spectacular valleys, Kerala’s landscape is diverse as the culture and history of its people and the people of Kerala. . A major factor in attracting tourists is if you are planning to travel to Kerala,So it is a selection of the best places to go to Kerala owned by holiday experts. Kerala is one of the most horrific tourist destinations in the world and this is why it is called ‘God of Own Country’. There are some great places in the world for any kind of family holiday or holiday or honeymoon in Kerala. Tourism in Kerala is the integration of rich cultures, traditions and folk dances and also the land of elephants, coconut, backwater and unique local dishes.

The number of scenes and interest of Kerala is almost different and unique, for the spectacular Soft Hill tea gardens in Munnar, till the maze of backwater routes in Alpe and Kumarkam with the terrible seafarers of Mallar Shore with Mallar Shore, Because its people and lifestyle and records are an important component in getting visitors to Kerala from all over the world. If you are preparing to investigate Kerala, then the top 15 places have been selected here for coming to Kerala made by specialist holiday professionals in Iris holidays.

Kerala’s grip of my journey

1. Alleppey Information

Alleppey Houseboats are well known for backwater trips and in Kerala the top most always comes in the best places, because it is a unique encounter. That you can not get anywhere in the world. Alleppey was described as one of the places known by Lord Curzon as ‘East of Venice’. A houseboat vacation with natural backwaters in Aleppi offers the opportunity to follow the landscape charm such as the level of water, small chapels, fishing in the trap, ducks in water, lily paddy fields under water etc., always have their own Be sure to stay etched in mind and this is one of the best places to come to Kerala from October to December. Holiday on the way with traditional Kerala food provided in banana leaves is attractive with a meditative magic.

Which is weaving around the feeling of peace and beauty around you. It is fun to see all the months from September to May and go to Alleppey, which is the best backwater trip in Kerala. Some other tourist destinations in Aleppi include the Chateikulangaara Bhagwati Temple, Arthakanal Church, Krishnapuram Palace, Pathiramnal, Marari Beach, Sri Krishna Temple in Ambalapupuzi, etc. in comparison to the beaches in Alleppey. Which can be among the closest encounters of the Arabian Sea. It is a good time to go to Alleppey in all the months of September to May and to come near Kerala’s best backwater tour. It is a good time to go to Alleppey in all the months of September to May and to come near Kerala’s best backwater tour.

2. Information about Munnar

Munnar is the most popular hill station of south India and the best tourist destination in Kerala. There is a unique view of the white mountain slopes, which are covered with about 80,000 miles of green tea fields, such as organic beds on the mountains, which offer views of low-flying clouds and misty valleys. Munnar is usually cool and comfortable and gives you an incredible sensation, along with a thick spray around you in the center of organic tea fields.

Once Munnar was once found in the summer season of English and English successors that the hill height, slope and alignment were specifically prepared for the cultivation of tea. The result of modern end is the grand organic mountain decorated by tea gardens, which is a sight to see in modern Munnar. For the demand of guests there are many waterfalls and hiking trails in Munnar. With its small bungalows, bungalows, old play areas and tea plantations from your sleep, Mannar is one of those unique hill stations in India which feels old world colonial in this area.

3. Information about Kumarcom

If you are enjoying a leopard to live in a small village in Kerala, float on coconut water, taste some authentic Kerala food and face the warmth of fresh air, Kurmoko is the place where you Travel to Kerala. Situated near Vembunad lake, there is a sleeping comicam comedy with rare scenery and rare flora and fauna. The place offers boating, Home boat cruising, fishing and sightseeing The canals decorated with the Nile, will be quite attractive to get stressful breaks for any visitor by standing with waterways and lakes and coconut trees, green paddy fields and mangrove forests. The Kumaracom is located near the city of Inaneem.

Where the popular book The God of Small Things was established, Kerala is the best place (arguably) giving you the most cherished Kerala food. In one of Kerala’s experiences, sailing through the comfort of Kumarakom through water, spread over 14 acres, the sanctuary includes many birds, including mounds, wild ducks, sad, deer, cuckoos, water birds, detractors and migratory birds. This place offers boat trips around the islands so that you have a breathtaking experience of seeing the beauty of birds and nature. Sanctuaries are open to the public from 6.00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Select our post in Kumarakom village and experience the houseboat in Kumarakom.

4. Information about Wayanad

To know the green side of Kerala, one should go to Wayanad, which translates into the local language of land of paddy fields in Malayalam. If you are planning to travel sightseeing in Kerala then it will not be irrelevant to say ‘Green Paradise’. Beautiful, peaceful, peaceful and wildlife with a mixture of rich and calm, Wayanad nature and paradise and one of the best places to come to Kerala during summer. Wayanad is also famous for tribal heritage and prosperity present in agriculture abundance. Keeping in mind the lifestyle of more than fifty tribes in this area, there will be a mind-blowing experience.

This place has at least a population in comparison to other districts of Kerala, but from foreign and landscape it can visit destination site in God’s country. In Wayanad there are many overseas places all around the district like Edakkal Cave, Basisagar Sagar Dam, Wayanad Wildlife Sanoshi, Lakakidi, Tushargiri Waterfalls, Kalpetta, and Sentinel Rock Falls. Wayanad is a popular trekking destination in monsoon and it is necessary for tourists enthusiasts to travel in Kerala in July and August. An article on Wayanad tourism at checkout and an experience in the hills of North Wayanad.

5. Information about Thekkady

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary in Thekkady is a popular wild life sanctuary consisting of preservation of various species of animals, including elephants, tigers, sambhar, gaudas and rare rare tiger turtles. Periyar is located on the edge of the jungle lake. Of the 777 sq. Km area, 360 square kilometers has been raised by the evergreen forest. With its wildlife, the beautiful beauty of Thekkady has been attracting tourists and visitors from all over the world for years. While traveling on a boat trip to Kekkadi Lake, perhaps the best position in Kerala to see wildlife.

From the powerful Indian elephants to the great Indian tigers from leopards, pigs, settlements, deer, etc. all this is in a wildlife sanctuary. The tourism department is located in the middle of the forest, either on the feet or at the top of the elephants, if you want some more exciting adventures, then you can take the route from Mujiaarar to Tekkady through Kavi Spinning through Kerala’s largest wild mile Can. There is a common sight of elephants in Thekkady and the last time for most tourists visiting Sawkadi, checkout Thekkady Boats and Thais in Thekkady Tourism.

6. Kochi’s information

Cochin is in central Kerala and most of Kochi’s tourist sites are easy to get from Kochi, the main reason for this is that Kochi is the starting point of most of the Kerala tour packages. Although the tourist destination is known as Kochi, but it is a part of Ernakulam. Which is a beautiful district situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea and should have a place to go to Kerala. The city of Ernakulam is quite fast and modern and the old art of the city is in Fort Kochi with a mix of all British, Portuguese and Dutch cultures spread in Bharat.

Although Ernakulam is also known as Cochin, later it is an interesting city in the district which is often known as the commercial capital of Kerala. Ernakulam has also been named as ‘Queen of the Arabian Sea’ because it is one of the world’s best natural ports. In the past, Dutch, Portuguese, Arab, Chinese and British had come here and left their mark in the city. Today, Ernakulam is in the form of an emerging metropolis of Kerala, where many industrial buildings and IT centers take shape around and around it. Ernakulam is just 8 kilometers from the city of Fort Cochin, which has some beautiful prints of foreign heritage.

This place used to be in Nagar Nagar for more than a century and is currently one of the main urban elements of Cochin; Ernakulam is another and third element. An old English, Dutch and Portuguese homes and can be found in both Fort Cochin and Mattancacher, which takes us back to those colonial periods. Apart from those beautifully laden busy roads and shops, there are some sights in Fort Cochin and Mantankari which attract tourists, mostly Chinese fishing nets, Jewish halls, Dutch cemetery, Matanquere Palace and so on.

7. Information about Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram, which is the capital of Kerala, is a mixture of peace and city life. Thiruvananthapuram means that the city of God Ananta is of historical importance and there have been many stories in it. Thiruvananthapuram is a lot for the Padmanabh Swami Temple – for charms, fame and name. This huge temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu is situated in the heart of the city, A mixture of pre-castle Dravidian and Kerala architectural styles, Padmanabh Swami Temple is the right place for art lovers because there are many ancient stone carvings and mural paintings. Lord Vishnu’s divine idol, Naag Nag, is again another treatment for the eyes.

Being the largest and most populated city of Kerala, there are people from different parts of the state living in social, religious and cultural harmony in Thiruvananthapuram. It is also India’s first IT park in the city and Asia’s third largest, Technopark, which has also made it the land of technology. The bigger is, there is very breathtaking place in Thiruvananthapuram, some of which are visited by the Kutirmala Palace Museum, Napier Museum, Ponmudi, Kovalam, Vel Tourism Village and Tenmashri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, which is a temple of wealth in the world, also in triangle.

8. Information about Varkala

Varkala in Kerala is a wonderful beach with a small seashore and a high high rock part, which is the whole part of the action and one of the best seashore places in Kerala. 51 miles from Thiruvananthapuram, on the north, Varkala has its appeal to appeal and ability to woo guests around the world with its natural charm and high rocks. The seafront is quite famous among the people of other countries because its travel and pleasure offers many recreational activities such as sun bath, boat ride, surfing and Ayurvedic massages. Varkala is also an important pilgrimage to Hindus and is unique in the form of a beach named Peeparsham.

Which was translated away, your sins are considered to be the best place to see the sunset. Attracting the long unique seaside places, wonderful resorts, fresh air, Varkala’s guests, who wish to leave less crowded beaches near Kovalam. Unique and wonderful places of Varkala is one of the best cases for the appeal of God’s country. Varkala seashore is almost a boundary long and is divided into two. The northern end is for sun worshipers and the end of the south east is for the Hindu lovers and in Varanala tourism tourist destinations, attractions like Varkala Beach, Janardan Mandir, Sivagiri Mutt and Kapil Lake are included.

9. Information about Kovalam

As already one of the best beaches in India, Kerala Tourism has been prominently shot in prominence in Kovalam, Kerala is the preferred choice for many tourists to relax in Sun, Ayurvedic treatment and powerful strong deep massage and in Kerala One of the best places to visit is December and January, for the New Year’s celebrations, there is a light house on the southern side of the sizable size beach,Which provides a spectacular view of the city’s exclusively a moon-shaped beach and the Wizinjam Mosque. Kovalam, which is located from Koknat trees, is 16 km away from Trivandrum.

The light house has a moon-shaped beach and a wonderful perspective of the Wizinjam Mosque is available. Kovalam is on the northern coastline and beach beach is Kovalam. To turn round the moonlight in the evening, the butter goes with a cool blue bay in a unique acronym. In Kovalam, three beaches are divided into rocky form which is present in the sea. The bigger light house is known as Beach and the second largest in the haw beach. Visit a tourist destination near Kovalam beach and a weekend vacation experience in Kovalam.

10. Wagamon’s Information

Across the Idukki-Kottayam border, there is a wonderful hill station known as Vagamon, which attracts the visitors and tourists around the world to feel the nature rhythm in the wild and is a scandalous destination among Kerala’s tourist spots. Standing with grassplaces, gardens, dales, tea gardens and valleys, Wagamon is a holiday back to a promising hill station in India, the Ministic Hills.

To maintain lawn and fresh air in full, there are enough to make your visit extremely happy. What is Wagamone exceptional that is a series of hills that consider religious harmony – Thangal Hill, Murugan Hill and Kurusamula. Wagmon is one of those places where only the best hill stations in India have been read and it has been rated.

11. Beekeeping information Beacle

In Kasaragod district of Kerala, there is a place called Bekel, which is engraved with beauty. Along with the Arabian Sea, Bekkal Fort is certainly one of the most important tourist attractions. The favorite of film directors, the caste has also played a special role in enriching various Indian films, especially their songs. In Kerala.

The Bekkal Fort is the best preserved and the largest like this. With the excellence of the ocean surrounding the fort of this huge kihole-shaped, greenery view and the calm air from the top of the fort feels a foreigner Anjanei Temple located at its entrance, is another attraction of the fort.

12. Information about Nelliampathi

Just 52 miles from Palakkad, NelliipiPathy is one of the best hill stations in India, which you will never want to get out of your travel schedule. In the fields of evergreen forests, lemon, tea, jaw and cardamom, rich nights with dense valleys and blurred mountains, papaya gets an attractive place and enjoys and to see one of these, to see Kerala places.

Because this place is a foam for peacocks who dance, the terrible environment in monsoon and the miracle of nature, the entire encounter is improved Nelliyamthi, often known as ‘Outer Outer Poor Man’, it can be used for hiking trails and adventurous experiences Is also popular for.

13. Information about Kozhikode

Known as Calicut, Kozhikode is famous for its historical, cultural, educational and culinary excellence. Calicut was the main trading center between Eastern Kerala and the rest of the world, for the first time in Calicut in search of Vasa da Gama masals and other businesses, which were later followed by English and Dutch. Today, Calicut is one of the most active commercial cities in Kerala.

High and sophisticated education has been given to eligible candidates in their premises in Calicut near the National Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management. Another remarkable thing about Calicut is that it works for Malabar food. Some Buddhist dishes like Dum Biryani, Kalamakaya and Chatti Pattari are liked, and likewise, the least lightest varieties of the local people and tourists are liked.

14. Information about merchandise Maalpunjaha

Malmuzhwa is a beautiful township situated about 10 kilometers from the city of Palakkad. The second longest river in Kerala, Bhappuzha, nurtured Malmuzha and this place is famous for greenery and beautiful scenery. It is a mixture of natural beauty and the attraction of various Manmade Entertainment Malmuza spreads in various small areas which give tourists an exciting experience. Some of them are described below.

15. Information of Thrissur

Thrissur is basically known as ‘Thirasivapper’, the cultural capital of Kerala. Its cultural, religious and spiritual abundance has been recorded historically and is still preserved. The city is also marked as the ‘golden capital of Kerala’, because every year there is a surprisingly high sales of gold. In fact, there will be no second district in Kerala which has been performing well for many years in the profession.

Talking about their cultural fanaticism, all should mention the mother of all the poor, Thrissur poor who are celebrated every year without fail. Thrissur celebrated in April-May looks colorful and attracts a large number of tourists around the world to see this festival in the city.

16. Information of Ashtamudi

Ashtamudi is translated into eight channels and translates into a local language with eight branches in the local language and it is the second longest lake in Kerala, which is finally merged at Kandla, at Nandkar, Kollam at a distance of 16 kms. . Betterwater Cruise between Ashtamudi and Aleppi is considered the longest in Kerala And the best experience of Kerala’s best readers is the best experience. Ashtamudi is the best place to enjoy the coconut trees and the pure beauty of the date palace on the banks of the Lake Batteries and there is less crowded opposite Alleppey.

Located on the confluence of the Kallada river, Munro Island (Munroitthurath) and Ashtamudi Lake are a group of eight small islands, named after the resident Colonel John Munro, who oversees land restoration efforts in the Kallada river on the banks of Ashtamudi lake. Used to When you enjoy a cruise in Ashamudi Lake, So you can enjoy the care of the Chinese fishing net, which is locally known as China Wala, which is used for fishing and other activities such as coconut cut like coir products and canoe products Waves from which the waves spread in the oven backwater.

If Kerala was included in ‘The Ten Paradigms in the World’ in National Geographic Traveler Magazine, then it could be one of the most intelligent alternatives. Obviously one of the most beautiful and peaceful states in India, everything in Kerala is in search of a tourist. If you think that plattu and kadala are enjoying yourself for snack or ‘Kathakali’ season, then you can make your day in Kerala, then you should know that many more interesting things in this coastal area Are those that are suitable for your time, money and energy.

Great greenery, coconut tree canals, palm flowing lakes, green hill stations, exotic wildlife, calm seas, crystal clear waterfalls, Ayurvedic heritage, artistic history, cultural satire; Apart from any other national or international cuisine, the delightful Kerala cuisine that opens in class should not be remembered – the soul of Kerala is beyond the word.

So friends, how did you get all this information from Kerala, I must tell you about it. Also, you do not forget to like and share this post. So that more and more people can roam around here knowing about Kerala. Thank you

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