Information about Gulmarg

Information about Gulmarg, Gulmarg kaise jaye

Gulmarg kaha par hai, Hi friends, your friend Manoj Kumar is once again present in front of you. As well as you have come to know about the importance of Kashmir’s Gulmarg. So now you know about Gulmarg. Gulmarg is the world-famous hill station located in the Baramulla district of Mansar, Jammu State. Located in the shadow of the treacherous mountain under the Pirapangal mountain range of the western Himalayas, the height of Gulmarg is approximately 2700 meters above sea level. Gulmarg is situated at a distance of about 55 km from state capital Srinagar, taxi and private settlements are easily available from Srinagar to reach Gulmarg. Gulmarg’s first real name was “Gaurimarg”, which was named after a Hindu goddess Parvati, but later in the sixteenth century, Sultan Yusuf Shah kept the name of this place changed to Gulmarg.

Mughal emperor Jahangir also took 21 species of wild flowers from Gulmarg for their own garden. The British also came to Gulmarg in the summer to avoid the heat of the plains of British rule in the nineteenth century and they developed a golf course here for their entertainment, presently the golf course at Gulmarg is the highest golf course in the world from the sea level. In Gulmarg, the shadow of the mountains is a large slope of very large grass, which can also be called Bugyal. When snow falls on the ground in winter, the sight becomes even more beautiful, the main game of winter is skiing on these slopes and it is also taught. Gulmarg Kashmir is a city, a hill station and the main ski resort of India.

It is located 56 km south west of Srinagar. The mythological beauty of Gulmarg Kashmir, the proximity and the proximity of Srinagar, is naturally one of the major attractive luxury mountain resorts in the country. Originally called the Gauri Marg by the cowboy, Its present name was given by Sultan Yusuf Shah in the 16th century, who had seen his grass slopes with wild flowers. Gulmarg Kashmir Emperor was a favorite haunt of Jahangir, who collected 21 different types of flowers from here. Gulmarg is in Kashmir Pir Panjal, which is one of the six categories, which make the Himalaya. It is a mountain shelf which is located under the protective 4124 meter height and 5 kilograms of Mount Apharara. From here it looks at the Valley of Kashmir towards the Nanda Mount 8126 meters and other far away peaks. Travel to Gulmarg Kashmir is beautiful as the place.

Poplar’s harsh road gives a large portion of the rice fields separately from picturesque villages. Depending on the weather, the color of nature can be spring, summer rich emerald, or golden golden color of autumn, when the red color is chilly, the fence window of the village houses. After the Tangmarg, the climb of Gulmarg Kashmir starts through the reefs covered with hills. At one point, the view is known as point, Passengers usually turn off their vehicles for a few minutes, and within the distance of almost touching, there is a show of snow-covered mountains.

How to make Gulmarg go

1. By Train

The nearest trainhead from Gulmarg is Jammu. Jammu Rail link is connected to many cities in India, especially direct trains are available from northern cities. Tourists can also take trains from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and even the Southern most Trivandrum railway station.

2. By Air

The nearest airport to Gulmarg is Srinagar, which is 56 km from Gulmarg. Jeep and taxi cabs are available from the airport to Gulmarg, which will cost around 1000 – 1,200. Srinagar is well connected to Delhi with regular daily flights. Many other Indian cities are also connected by to Srinagar.

3. By bus

Gulmarg is well connected to bus services in most cities of Jammu and Kashmir, state-owned buses and private tourism deluxe luxury buses also include Srinagar (Rs 150) of Jammu and Kashmir, Sonamarg (Rs 300) and from many parts of the state. Gulmarg is available to reach. For those traveling from Srinagar, shared taxis (Sumos) are available from Butammal to Tanmarg. From there, you can catch a shared shared sumo for Gulmarg, the whole journey takes place from 2 to 3 o’clock.

Gulmarg did not want to roam around Gulmarg

1. Information about Baba Rashi Gulmarg

It is the Muslim Dharam Aastha. Here Hindus and Muslims and all other castes come here, it is on the slopes below Gulmarg and can be reached from Gulmarg or Tangmarg. Ziyarat, or Grave, is a famous Muslim saint who died here in 1480. Before leaving the worldly way, he was standing by the King Jain-ul-Abidin. Every year thousands of devotees are dependent on this shrine, even if they believe in faith.

2. Information about Farezpura Nallah Gulmarg

By reaching the peak of Tangmarg road or outer circular, this mountainous stream meets at a popular picnic spot from the sister river, which is called meeting mill. Section Trout is reputed to be particularly good for fishing; It is about five km in the valley from Gulmarg, but is close to Tanggarg. Walking distance of 3 km from the distance from Tanggarg, and then moving towards the south through the jungle, a slope can be reached to the river down the river.

Here is a bridge that revolves with small water from the picnic spot on the right bank. The river looking towards south from Tangmarg can be transported to its source, which is close to the rugged peak which is known as Ferozpur or Shinmahinu. The stream branches on the right bank, the left path towards the Goa ground, while at the second moment bends towards Googradra road at 32 km, then goes to Ferozepur pass, Punch and Cantar Nag.

Anyone can cross the Basmai street in about 4,000 meters, at a distance of 50 km from the most beautiful route of Kashmir, to the Tosa Ground, three years from here. The track here is very close to the war break line with Pakistan and will pass the Jamnwali alley on the right, the easiest and safest route in the distance of 4,000 meters in Punjab.

3. Gondola Project

On the basis of Gulmarg Mount, a flat plateau is located on 2650 meters. Apharwat The best and long ski runs of 3 kilometers in Gulmarg are used by the Gondala cable car lift, which allows ski runs of 2,213 meter descent. At an altitude of 3980 meters above sea level, the gondola climbs almost till the peak of the afternoon. It provides 1330 vertical meters of huge snow slopes. With the establishment of Karl Lift from Gulmarg, along with the upstairs, Gulmarg has become one of the highest lift service ski resorts in the world.

Total air distance of 5 km is covered by Gulmarg Gondola. Phase 2 of Gondola Riding is a major attraction as it gives a panoramic view of the Himalayas, because it is very close to the mountaineering and mountainous mountains. The height of cable car 1,330 vertical meter climbs to about 4,000 meters. Gundola Lift runs in 2 stages – Gulmarg> Congaand and Kongordor> Apurvaat.

The first phase of the Gundola project located in Gulmarg is a vertical increase of 400 meters at 5 meters per second, 1500 people per hour from Gulmarg, from the sea level to the central station 3100 meters up to the height of Kongodar Mountain, from which Through the trees near the skier and prepared, but the narrow slopes have access to easy runs.

Gulmurga starts from Phond 2 COndorod of the Gondola project and during the journey of 5 meters per second, the slope of the height of 880 meter above the height of 2680 meters high is raised, the ferris 600 people per hour at an elevation of 3,980 meters Is on. From this point skier, either controlled and patroled gondola can be moved on the bowl or go back to the middle station. Almost every route link with powder runs up to 1000 vertical meters.

In the first phase, ticket tariff, from Gulmarg to Kongdi Mid Station, 300 meters above Rs 100 per day or Rs 500 for day. Climbing a distance of 4,000 meters at the height of Mt. Evewat, Tariff of Phase 2 is a way of Rs. 250. One day’s close is 1, 000. Gulmarg offers many opportunities for runs on open snowfields, which has many vacancies running for more than 20 access points.

These run slopes of more than 1000 vertical meters and areas of more than 32 degrees to 40 degrees. Gondola area is divided into two parts – upper and lower section The first stretch is 2,350m long and 450 meters high from Gurgaon ski resort and is located at an altitude of 3300 meters from the hill.

The second part runs 4,000 meters, just below the peak of the afternoon From the top most stations, it will land at a 30-minute walk to the top. For some kilometers, there is no direction from this peak to skiing. Apart from this, both of the locals and Pakistan-administered Kashmir are visible from this peak. Anyone can enjoy great views of the Pir Panjal range.

On clear days can see Nanddevi and LoC. Romant around the snow, forget your age and do not stand on your dignity. Find the baby in you and then join the queue to get back! Only good wool or aerodynamics and smart sports shoes are enough. Clearly, try to avoid wear sandals, slippers or leather shoes.

4. Information about the blossom of Gulmarg

This small valley Gulmarg is a 6-minute walk from the bus stop and car park. Carpet, grassland with flowers in spring, is a winter ski resort of Gulmarg and offers fine views of nearby peaks and Kashmir valley. It is 600 meters uphill from Gulmarg to Khilanmarg and in the early spring, As soon as the snow melts, it can be a very filthy hour climb on the hill, if it has become clear, with a comprehensive view of the great Himalayas from Nanga Parbat in the southeast of the bare 7,100 meter peaks of bare and kun, Has been rewarded.

5. Information about Alpatar Lake Gulmarg

Beyond the blossom, 13 kilometers away from Gulmarg, on the foot of twin 4, in the peaks of 511 meters, this lake is frozen till mid-June and can see snow lid floating in its cold water even after a year. Walking through Gulmarg, there is a good track of pony on the hillside of 3,810 meters, it is separated from the blossom, And then 3,843 meters from the valley to the lake. The more bold trekkers can climb the boulder-stavel slopes of the ridge and descend on the other side of the road. For the ridicular aficionados horse, the Alpadar lake travels for an exciting day, starting the morning and returning late in the evening.

6. Information about Nungali Nallah Gulmarg

This beautiful mountain river is 8 km away from Gulmarg, flowing on the snow and melting snow and ice snowflakes and on the Uttapadar lake. This stream is located in the valley below and is found in the Jhelum river near Sopur. This long, grassy valley is a popular picnic spot and is a walking path, A bridge crosses the Nangali (also spelled as Nigalal) and crosses the Khalenagarg, another grassy ground and a good place to camp. In the early summer, perhaps one will be part of the camp, as well as Gurgaon will take its herds to high grasslands.

7. Flowering grass

A large cup-shaped grassland with slopes is lush and green, where silence disappears from the inclination of the breeze, Gulmarg looks like a fantasy set in a film, and it is not surprising that many films Has been organized. Valley of Gulmarg, which is a huge grassland in the area of ​​3 sq km, is at a distance of 2,730 meters to 56 km south west of Srinagar. It means that the flowers are grass and in the spring it is just that, There is a rolling mid dotted with countless colorful bluebells, daisies, forget me knots and buttercaps. The valley is about 3 km long and one km wide.

8. Golf Club

The golf club provides short-term membership for the players. Gulmarg offers some great opportunities for long lasting. Walking along the circular path of Gulmarg, you only have to look down to see the whole scene of the valley including Srinagar. A beautiful scene can also be of Nanga Parvati, which is a nude mountain which is over 26,000 feet and dominates the entire region. For the ride of one of the most unusual types of fun, Gulmarg’s newly built Gundola lift is a lifetime experience through Pine-Clad Slips. This truck will take you up to 15,000 feet and it is one of the highest in the world. Here, you can touch the sky and merge with the clouds.

9. Skiing in Gulmarg

Skiing, lots of people who watch it on TV, look like a very good game, which requires high level training and expensive equipment. They are amazed when they travel to Gulmarg for a one-day campaign to “see the snow”, then others with similar level of physical fitness and training are skiing on the slopes, Gulmarg is the ultimate beginning skiing resort. is. A heavy woolen wardrobe – slacks or salwar kameez will not cure. Gulmarg will also be able to restore one of the many ski shops and rent skis, sticks and glasses.

Just find yourself a ski trainer and shut down the slope, or someone has to work urgently to climb the slopes, the 200-meter thin slope is connected to a ski lift, which helps one to go up. When a graduate is at the Intermediate level – which will be the first few days after the practice, there are other slopes, long and fast, which are attached to the chair lift. The longest ski run in Gulmarg is provided by Gondala cable car, which allows a ski run of 2,213 meters.

A circular road, 11 kilometers in length, are excellent views on the Kashmir Valley through the pleasant pine forests on the right bank of Gulmarg. The Nanga Mountains are clearly visible at a distance of 137 kilometers in the north, in the east, the distance is 60 kilometers away; while in the south, Firozpur and Sunset can see the summit and the imperial ridge. Nanga Parvat, the owner of the mountains is 8,500 meters on the fourth highest peak on earth.

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