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Goa tourism Information, Goa Ki Junkari

My dear friends, this is my first post of this website. My name is Manoj Kumar and I am a resident of Uttar Pradesh, India. I have visited almost all tourist sites of India. I have seen what I have seen there and what is famous in the Angle Angels, to see that you will be given full information from me and about it. So let’s now get your first post in Goa with you.

Friends, if you are planning to roam in the new year, then we will tell you that the fun of roaming on the new year comes only in Goa. Because the highest quantity of Christians is found here and christmas festival is celebrated by Christians. The Christmas festival is a festival near the year and they celebrate this festival with great pomp. At the time of Christmas, there are a lot of cultural events in Goa, which tourists come to Goa specially to enjoy this time and this lover keeps up in Goa till December 31.

Some information about Goa

In northern Goa, Harmal has a gray-haired mountain. It is considered as the place to offer sacrifices to Parasurama. Historically, Goa was first written in Mahabharata. At that time Goa’s name was ‘Gopurashtor’ which means ‘the country of cow grazing’. It is believed that Goa is a dislike of ‘Govorashtra’. It is a state whose name is remembered when it comes to listening to the shores of the sea, the modern life style, the Thakkate Kadam and the wonderful foam made from cashew nuts. But Goa is not limited to just that.

There are many such resorts in this state of Ho-Hail, where people also come in search of peace. Not only beautiful areas here but also all kinds of facilities related to tourism. There are small offices of travel agencies in place, which make tourists travel all over Goa. The services here are so good that there is no problem in the country as well as foreign tourists. That is why it is also called ‘City of Tourists’.

The best time to visit Goa

The best time to travel to Goa is from October to March. There are abundance of tourists here in this season. Due to the heavy rainfall here from June to September, there are less tourists here this season. Goa is considered as a special and attractive place for New Year party. So you can also go to Goa to enjoy the New Year party.

Budget to travel to Goa

Goa is a state where tourism varies according to your pocket. Here you can make budget like whatever you like from 5-10 thousand to 5 lakh. All available from cheap hotels to expensive resorts here. By the way, if you are going to roam in the Goa Peak season then get the booking done in advance, because at the last time booking can cost you dearly, along with all the things you can not even mind. And there is the most Rush on Christmas, New Year.

What to take with you while going to Goa

While going to Goa, you can take the following things like googles, hats, sunscreens, waterproof handbags, sports costumes, water bottle in bags, cameras, slippers, shoes, light jewelry, no expensive jewelery, backpack bags, backpack bags , Water bottles, energy drinks and more than anything else you might find necessary.

How to get to Goa?

1. By Road

You can reach Bombay by bus or taxi from Mumbai. Apart from other cities, Goa is connected by road.

2. By Rail

Konkan Railway (Mumbai to Bengaluru) is the most attractive railroad. This railway line passes through Goa and the tourists can easily see the beautiful beauty of this area.

3. By Air

Dabolim, Panaji, Vasco da Gama, which is Goa’s international airport and is 29 km away from Goa, is the entry point of Goa for passengers coming from the airplane. Most domestic airlines operate in addition to chartered private airlines from Britain and Germany, but also to come to Goa. Direct flights from Indian Airlines Delhi and Mumbai go to Goa.

How to make Go Goa

Here the car and bike are available on rent in which petrol and diesel will have to be dug and you can buy them for 12 or 24 hours. So you are ready to explore the entire city. Keep watching on the map from the smartphone and enjoy the long drive.

Goa does not want to stay in

The Goa Tourism Department has built many tourist homes and apartments along the seashore, as well as the bed facility is available. Also many affordable and expensive budgets and resorts are also available.

Goa’s holy temple

1. Mr. Kamakshi

2. Saptkoteshwar

3. Shri Shantdurg

4. Mahalasa Narayani

5. Bhagwati Temple of Paranam

6. Mahalakshmi Temple

Place of Goa’s cultural

1. Aguda Fort

2. Museum

3. Collection of Purity

Goa National Park

1. Bondla Sanctuary

2. Wild Wildlife Sanctuary

3. Cotijao Wildlife Sanctuary

What to see in Goa

1. Panaji Panji

Panaji, the capital city of Goa, is definitely but very beautiful. The city is situated on the banks of the Mandvi river with silver-flowing currents and is known for its shade of red roofed houses, beautiful gardens, wonderful sculpture sculptures, beautiful gloomy and lush green trees. Everyone gets lost in the beauty of this. Apart from this, you can enjoy the full journey of the journey by visiting a place like Margao, Vasco Digama and Marmugao Harbor.

2. Miramar Beach Miramar Beach

Everyone is charmed by seeing the soft sands, palm trees and blue shade of the Arabian Sea, located just 3 kilometers away from Panjim, this beautiful golden sea coast. Because of its beauty, it is known as ‘golden beach’.

3. Mobor Beach Mobor beach

Mobor Beach is the best place for tourists who love adventure. It is one of Goa’s most famous beach. Here tourists enjoy many adventure games like water skiing, water surfing, jet ski, banana-bomb ride and parasailing. It can be visited here in the year anytime, although the best time to visit here is from September to March.

4. Wagator Beach

Vagator beach is 22 km away from Panaji in North (North) Goa near Mapusa Road. It is a less crowded and different place than the rest of Goa. There are white sand, black lava rocks, coconut and palm trees. Along with this, there is a 500-year-old Portuguese fort. Between today’s buildings, it seems to be a thriller. This white sandy beach of Vagator is also known as ‘Big Vagator’ and ‘Little Vagator’ and it looks beautiful from the height of the Chapora fort.

5. Immaculate Conception Church and Res Magos Fort Ris Magos fort

Immaculate Conception Church and Ris Magos Fort, Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church was the first church to be built in Goa. This is from 1541. The church, which was built earlier, was completely destroyed and it was again built in 1619. Then the population here was not equal. The size of the new church reveals what the religious environment of that time must have been and how much money the churches have.

6. Morzim Beach Morjim beach

Morzim Beach is also known as ‘Turtle Beach’. It is in the North Goa Parnam. In the meantime, there is a beautiful and cool way along with a lively atmosphere. Morzim Beach is also special because it is the place of fertility and fertility of the fading species ‘Olive Ridley’. Small turtles and sticks appearing in the middle make your experience memorable. In the meantime, ‘Kite Surfing’ is also a festive activity due to shallow water.

7. Betbilbim Beach Bettelbtem beach

Seeing sunset is a different and heart-felt experience in itself. Even if Sunset is Babelbatim Beach, then beauty is beyond imagination. Located in the south of Mozda Beach, the beach is the most beautiful beach of Goa. It is also called ‘Sunset Beach of Goa’ because of the magnificent sunset. It is not only cooler than other beaches but also very clean. The peace of the coast and its seclusion make it more attractive.

8. Bondla Wildlife Century

If you are also going to Goa in the rainy season, then go to Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary for a closer look at your favorite animals. This small but famous festival of Goa is in Ponda taluka in the Northeast area of ​​the city. The Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, spread over just 8 kilometers, is surrounded by mostly dense forests and evergreen vegetation. This century also has a mini zoo, Gulab Garden, Deer Safari Park, Botanical Garden, Nature Education Center and Eco-Tourism Cottage.

9. Baga beach Baga beach

There are many fascinating beaches in Goa and the names of Super Adventure Baga Beach come to mind in the name of the name. Whichever one has the opportunity to see the beauty of Goa, he believes that Baga beach is the most exciting beach.

10. Avraham Kewes

In addition to its beautiful beaches and waterfalls, Goa is also known for heritage architecture. It is an ancient state and its architecture is also old. The most beautiful samples of the historical monuments present in Goa are the Aravil Kevas or Pandav caves. These caves were made by cutting the rocks in Bicholim city of North Goa. Which gives us an opportunity to understand mythological stories. The time for the construction of this cave is from the 6th century.

11. Aravall Falls

This waterfall is 2 km away from the city of Sankaville in North Goa. This waterfall at 24 feet is a beautiful picnic spot. This waterfall can also be seen from the stairs of the Rudraswara temple. The government has also built a park near this waterfalls so that people can enjoy its beauty. The water of this spring that falls from the height of the water, looks really inviting.

12. Palolem Beach palolem beach

Palomaim Beach South (South) is in the Kanaakona district of Goa, 2 km away to the west in Chadi. A few years back, the tourists were not in the middle of this interval, but in the last few years there was a growth and due to the increase in business activities, the crowd of people started to grow. Beautiful sunset and sunrise can be seen from the Western Ghats in the southern taluka of Canacona. Palloyam beach fills peace in the mind of the visiting person. This is the specialty of the middle.

13. The Church of Goa

The Church of Goa is quite popular. There are many churches here because of the long reign of the Portuguese in Goa. Apart from being a synagogue, this church is also a sample of the beautiful architecture of the past. Some of the famous Goa’s famous churches are St. Cathedral Church, St. Francis of Assisi, Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Augustine Church. Most of the tourists visiting Goa see them.

14. St. Cathedral Church

It is the oldest, largest and most beautiful marquee in Goa, which has five hours. Its golden hour is one of the largest in Goa and one of the few best hours of the world. Apart from this, the Stitch of St. Francis, St. Augustine Tower, Birch of Our Lady of Rosary is also there.

15. Agonda Fort Agonda kila

Agora Fort is the largest witness in Goa’s history. The fort was built in 1612 by the Portuguese to avoid the Marathas and the Dutch invasion. This fort has a waterfall of fresh water. Who used to meet the water needs of people passing through this place. This fort was the center of all the necessary activities of the Portuguese.

16. Chapoli Dam

The reason for being in the valley surrounded by Chapoli Dam Mountains 40 kilometers from Margao is full of natural attraction. If you like fishing, this eco-tourism spot is right for you.

17. Mahalaxmi temple Mahalaxmi temple

The Mahalaxmi temple is in Bandora village of Goa. The beautiful check of this temple is a big attraction. This temple was built in 1413 AD and people from all over the country come to see it. The festival of Navaratri is celebrated here with special and full enthusiasm.

18. Mangeshi Temple

Goa’s Mangeshi temple is a mixed sampling of modern and ancient Hindu architecture. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva’s incarnation Lord Mangeshike. According to the stories Lord Brahma himself established the penis here. Every Monday, the journey of God’s idol is taken out here.

19. Goa is the most beautiful place Water Sports

You can do all these water sports by reaching the beaches – Make Riders, Parasailing, Bumper Rides, Jetski, Boat Rides, Paragliding During the sunrise and sunset on the Calangute and Baga beach, you can see laughing dolphins through the Dolphin cruise in the ocean.

20. Cruise Cruse

Enjoy dinner and dancing, or in the evening the candle light dinner on. Go to the casino and see Casino Life.

21. Mahadei Wildlife Sanctury, Bengal Tiger, Lord Mahavir Century and Moolam National Park are also famous. If you want to enjoy tracking, go to Dudhsagar Falls.

Historical Church of Goa

1. Off Assisi

2. Holi Spirit

3. Pillar Seminary

4. Rack Seminary

5. St. Cajarr Church

6. St. St. Augustine Tower

7. Nunri of St Monica

8. St. Erics Church

Goa Foods Information

Goa is a very good place to enjoy fresh sea air with food. You can enjoy prawns, fightfish, mussels, lobsters and oysters. Pork-led dishes are quite popular during the festive season. Gav Vindaloo enjoy many people on his trip to Goa. Pork Vindal is one of the most popular dishes in Goa. Goa is also well-known for its cake and sweets. Bibinca, which has used coconut milk, flour, sugar and other ingredients, all these things you can try on your Goa trip.

Information about shopping in Goa

The two most famous markets in Goa are Mapusa and Anjuna. Friday markets are available in every way and the dry fish and masala are also available. On Wednesday, Anjuna beach seems to be on the other hand, for the foreigners, every item is available and the ancient idol of beads and many more who prefer foreigners.

Some sports adventure started by the Goa government

The Goa government has recently introduced several adventure sports in the state.

1. Hot balloon

Goa Tourism has started Hot Air Balloon on Beechage last year. You can lift the balloon on the Baga beach and Candolim beach in Panaji.

2. Moonlight Kayaking

The Government of Goa has recently started this service in the night.

3. Caravane Tours

Through Karaavane, you will be able to enjoy all the sights of Goa in exciting and luxurious way. Goa Tourism is also planning to connect this caravan tour with some of the major coastal coastal areas of Karnataka.

4. helicopter ride

After heavy protests, once again, Heli tourism has begun in Goa. This service has been started by Goa Tourism Development Corporation and Pawan Hans.

5. Cruise Ride

In Goa you also get a chance to enjoy a cruise ride. During the journey there are various events organized on the cruise, which include dancing and many recreational sports. Overall, this is a fun journey.

6. Water Sports

Goa also offers an opportunity for all water sports such as river rafting, wind surfing, scuba diving, water skiing, water scooters. Simultaneously, the Goa government will soon launch C-Plains, Dakbot, Paragliding, Motorized Paragliding, Sejeway Tour, Bungee Jumping, Scuba Diving and Horse Riding.

7. Heritage tourism

There is also a rich heritage of heritage tourism in Goa. Here are two world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. The Basilica of Bom Jesus Church in Old Goa is in the first place. In this church, the body of Saint Francis Xavier’s body is kept safe in a silver coffin without any coating. This church is famous for its unsurpassed architecture and sculpture.

So friends, we hope you will enjoy a lot of fun in Goa. If you like the information given by us in Goa, we must reply it. Thank you

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